What is your immediate reaction when you come across the following words, “Bear Mace Eco Friendly”?  You generally question yourself, reallyare bear mace eco friendly products?

Most people would assume that the bear mace eco friendly is just another addition to the long list of useless eco friendly products, but it is not so. It sounds some what unmatched but, the truth is bear mace eco friendly   is the one and only self defense product of its kind. Indeed bear mace eco friendly is like all other eco friendly products are very user friendly too. They are easy to use, can be carried along and are very effective on the bears. Let us assume, that you are on a weekend camping trip with your family or friends, what do you do immediately? You panic, recognizing the lurking danger in the close vicinity, and before you start looking around your camp or search for your firearm the bear charges on you. The more appropriate option would be to carry the eco friendly bear mace.

What makes this bear mace eco friendly, so important in our day to day life is the fact that, this product not only cares about you but also the environment that your predecessors would inherit from you. People living in the regions /area where there is even 0.1% chance of encounter with bears are advised to keep self defense products, because of the unpredictable nature of the bears, while the Grizzly bear is the most common type that is known for human attacks, in many cases black bears are also responsible for killing people in the forests as well as their homes. There are a wide variety of non lethal self defense product available in the market  such as electric fences and fire arm. The electric fence requires a constant back up of electricity and the fire arm works on battery, thus both these self defense product not only require constant energy for their functioning but also adversely impact the environment. Apart from that there are negative consequences after the use of these products such as – the fire arm which scares the bear and forces it to back off, also burns the natural flora and fauna of the place thereby polluting the environment, the electric fence on the other hand is very dangerous, as it runs on electricity. Small children and pets should be kept away from it, any loop holes can lead to fatal electric shocks.

How exactly is the bear mace eco friendly?

Undoubtedly it is the nature and usage that make the bear mace eco friendly, which is very different from the above mentioned products. All you need to do is to keep a bear mace handy, and spray in the eyes or all over the face of animal. The constituents of the product are kept in a pressurized can generally made up of aluminum, which can be successfully decomposed or reused after use at any of the recycling plants. Independent of all forms of energy for its use, made up of non toxic and non inflammable substances, and last but not the least having a powerful impact on the bears indeed entitle the bear mace as eco- friendly products.

The best way to dispose Bear Mace is to dump it in a Bear Mace Recycling Center. Bear mace is the most preferred self defense tool used by individuals, as it is non lethal, easy to carry and use, but once used they don’t know what to do with it, how to properly dispose of it, which is essential, given the nature of the Bear Mace. The Bear Mace Recycling Centers are places that welcome the used bear mace with open arms. It is here that the dumped Bear Mace is disintegrated and recycled.

Today, continuously growing awareness about our environment is at its pinnacle, and the creative minds are working upon how to minimize the damage that we have already caused. There are people who are resorting to a number of practices for the protection of the environment that we live in. The most effective way to keep our environments clean and green, emphasized today is to recycle and reuse. At one point in time, bear mace were considered as a great discovery for the people who actually worked in the forest or mountaineers, but with the passage of time it was realized that they were a threat to environment as no proper method of disposing them was available. They were the land fillers and were enlisted as hazards to environment list. With Bear Mace Recycling Centers coming up, environmentalists have had a sigh of relief. These Bear Mace Recycling Centers contribute to our environment a lot; they not only prevent the poisonous substance from leaking into the air, thereby avoiding the pollution and keeping it clean but also making the limited natural resources like metals available for future use. By dumping it in this way you not only contribute to your environment, but also you contribute your responsibility as an aware and concerned individual.

With a lot of Bear Mace Recycling Centers in the country and many more to come up, it should not be difficult to find one that is near to your location. The Bear Mace Recycling Centers recycle the residual amount of contents that are present in the can, either use them or send them to the industries that can make use of the recycled products. For example, the metal can is first emptied, and then it is crushed and then recycled, the recycled product, i.e., the metal that made the can, mostly aluminum, is sent to the industry that requires it. Most of these Bear Mace Recycling Centers have online presence thorough their own websites, where you can get in touch with them, get to know various information of the bear mace, immediate disposals and other services.

With the changing times it is very important for us to adapt to those changes. Disposal of harmful substance in a proper manner is crucial to our existence and these bear mace or pepper sprays. Do your part!

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